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Feathers, Feathers Everywhere

Don't want to use flowers for your reception centerpieces? Want to try something different? Try using Ostrich Feathers. Yes, I said Ostrich Feathers. They are the hottest trend in weddings these days. They are gorgeous and elegant and every Bride-to-Be is looking for them.

This morning as I was doing my daily Internet browsing, I ran across a site that had a lot of information about Ostrich Feathers, Here is what they had to say:

There are three types of Ostrich Feathers that you can use: Drabs, Floss or Femina

Ostrich Drab Feathers are fluffy & light. They create a soft alluring atmosphere in any room & can be used in flower arrangements & craft projects.

Ostrich Floss Feather are good for a darker Victorian look. These are also perfect for shorter vases & ideal for the small party, decorating in the home or creating an elegant office look.

Ostrich Femina Feathers are a favorite for wedding decorations with a fuller appearance. These are very beautiful in vases & perfect for the elegant palm tree look.

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