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Sophisticated Engagement

Four(4) years ago today, Keno Brown, my husband, popped the big question and of course I said "YES!!" It was definitely a day to remember. Keno put a lot of thought into the proposal and made sure everyone and everything was in place and on schedule. He involved my parents, family and friends! I was definitely surprised.
Here is a recap of what happened....
While dating, Keno asked me the following question, "If I propose to you, how would you want it to happen?" Right after he asked, the commercial where the guy flew his family to Rome and surprised his wife with a second marriage proposal had just gone off of TV. So I said, "I want a proposal just like that!!" Well, that's exactly what I got, except for the Rome piece.
The evening of the proposal, we were going out on a date to a comedy show and my parents were headed out to the Symphony, so they said. When we arrived downtown we realized that we had time to stop and get something to eat before the show and Keno had just gotten a call from his friend Myque to meet him at the Harbor Place. As we walked over to meet Myque, I said to Keno, "I wonder what all of those people are reading. It must be an interesting article." We then walked by the band, and as we walked by, Keno tipped them and they started playing. I immediately started to take a seat to listen, but Keno pulled me to the center of the circle and he got down on one knee and he asked me to marry him!!!!! At the same time, our friends dropped their newspapers and said SURPRISE!!!!...and my parents stepped out from behind the Santa House smiling and clapping.
This engagement was definitely one to remember. I often thank my husband for making the proposal special and for putting a lot of though into our day.


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